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Our Gîte La Champenoise borders the counties of Marne, Aisne and Ardennes. We suggest you discover various leisure, cultural and gastronomic sites close to Reims. Come behind the scenes of the most famous of all wines, from the vineyards to the Champagne houses that have contributed to its fame. Under Reims streets, kilometers of “crayères”, quarries dating back to Roman times, shelter and protect millions of bottles of champagne. Dive into this underground universe, in the heart of Champagne houses, and visit their spectacular cellars. How is Champagne elaborated? How should it be selected, tasted, preserved? When is it best drunk? You are going to learn a lot while traveling up and down the Route Touristique du Champagne, visiting wine growers and wine owners.

Here are some links and ideas to help you organize your stay :

cathedrale-de-reims Reims town, its cathedral and champagne cellars.
survol-du-chemin-des-dames-corbeny-azur-ulm-aisne-piacrdie-france-4 “Le Chemin des dames”, historical place from the 1st World War to be visited
Epernay, capital of the Champagne
Montagne de Reims, and its wonderful landscapes of vineyards, forests and fields.
Champagne area, a sparkling and authentic region.